Let us tell you about Energy Balls

Energy balls are delicious little snacks, that are really easy to make as you just mix everything into a bowl, roll into balls and store in the fridge for up to 7 days.

There’s no baking involved and they freeze well too.

They are really handy for a snack any time of day, check out our blog on When Can I Eat Energy Balls?

14 energy balls on white parchment paper and marble worktop

Have you heard about our Energy Ball Recipe Kits?

Our Recipe Kits are really handy for anyone who likes to make food from scratch but really can’t be bothered to buy a large bag of cacao nibs or chia seeds and then the rest of the pack is resigned to the back of the store cupboard.

We do all of the expensive experimentation for you!

These kits are also great for anyone who is really interested in the ingredients they eat, the nutritional values and macros of food and also anyone who is Vegan, Vegetarian or enjoys adding plant-based food to their diets.

The monthly Recipe Kits arrive with everything that is required to make 30 energy balls.

The packaging is plant based, fully compostable, and the cardboard is FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) and can be put into the recycling bin after use.

Here’s a bit of history about how we got to this point

March 2014: Victoria started to make energy balls, the passion for these sweet snacks was ignited by celebrity recipes. Over time, if she had run out of an ingredient, she would substitute it for something else, and before she knew it, she was making recipes up as she went along.

January 2017: Vic decided to start publishing the recipes she made onto this website, for no other purpose than to share what she had made so others could try them out.

December 2017: She wondered why there isn’t a regular subscription kit for snacks like there are for mealtimes. So she built a great team of people around her and developed an Energy Ball Recipe Kit.

23rd March 2018: At an Enterprise Nation Wellness event in London, Victoria took her prototype ‘Energy Ball Recipe Kit’ and talked to lots of industry people about her ambitions.

29th July 2018: The Recipe Kit launched on Kickstarter and smashed the target, with over £2700 in pre-sales of Energy Ball Recipe Kits, which were posted around the globe.

22nd July 2019: Selfridges placed their first order. They will be selling 3 ‘unique’ energy ball recipe kits via their website. LAUNCHING VERY SOON.