Achieving wellnessAchieving wellness is a hot topic right now. You’ve probably heard the word ‘wellness’ thrown around on TV and in some of your favourite lifestyle magazines. But what actually is it? Is it a diet? An exercise plan? A set of lifestyle instructions? At first, we weren’t sure. But now that we’ve read up, it’s really just a term for doing things that make you feel great! Think of it as a mantra to live by – a way of bringing your life into a harmonious balance.

You can achieve wellness through exercise, eating well, being aware of the choices you make and the impact they have on your life. The World Health Organisation defines it as:

“a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

So, as you can see, it’s all-encompassing, and achieving wellness is going to make you feel great inside and out. According to the National Wellness Institute, there are six dimensions of wellness and addressing all of them within your life will (as you’d expect) lead to a holistic sense of wellness and fulfilment:

1. Emotional
2. Occupational
3. Physical
4. Social
5. Intellectual
6. Spiritual

You’re probably wondering what this all has to do with energy balls right? Well, whilst making and eating energy balls isn’t going to address all six of the dimensions listed above, we can definitely see how these tasty little snacks can help you with some of them.

Physical Wellness

For starters, energy balls release energy slowly, keeping you fuller for longer. This can help stop emotional eating and turning to sugary snacks when energy levels run low. Eating well has so many benefits. Filling your body with healthy ingredients like almonds, chia seeds and raisins, is just one way to help boost your energy levels. Many of the common ingredients found in energy balls have healing properties too. For example, our apricot and coconut  energy balls contain ground almonds which are packed with nutrients, fibre, protein and vitamin E. They are also a good source of thiamine too, which is needed for a healthy heart.

Emotional Wellness

We all go through patches of low mood from time to time and we know how hard it is to lift yourself up again. If you’re struggling with depression, often you don’t want to exercise and turn to comfort food. Maca powder, which can be bought at most health food shops, has been associated with improved mental well-being and can help to reduce anxiety, particularly in menopausal women.

If you’re anything like us, the sense of achievement and satisfaction linked to make something like energy balls or baking cupcakes can definitely lift your mood too.

making energy balls at home

Intellectual Wellness

Ok, we can’t claim that energy balls will make you more intellectual but there are plenty of ingredients in our recipes which can help concentration and mood. Try our coffee and walnut energy balls. They’re sugar-free and the walnuts contain omega-3 oils, perfect for boosting that brain power!

Social Wellness

We’ve talked about the physical and emotional benefits of eating energy balls. And we’ve touched on the fact that certain ingredients can boost concentration. We’ve not talked about the social aspect of energy balls though. And believe us, there is a real social aspect! If you turn up at work with a Tupperware of energy balls, you’ll be the most popular person in the office! If you’re not sure where to start or perhaps don’t want to splash out on lots of ingredients, why don’t you try one of our energy ball recipe kits?

So there you go, lots of reasons why incorporating energy balls into your diet can help you on the way to wellness in your everyday life. To keep up to date with all the latest wellness news, tips and tricks, we recommend popping over to the Glamour website.

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