It’s not everyday you get asked to appear on the news, yet Victoria took to our screens twice during January.

The first interview, on Wednesday 16th January was LIVE on Sky News.

It was an interview with Niall Paterson regarding the developments of Brexit, and the impact this could have on small businesses.

Victoria Prince from Energy Ball Recipes appearing on Sky News

Victoria explained that the biggest concern she has is if the UK ‘talks itself’ into an other recession in the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. A recession would almost certainly put hundreds (if not thousands) of companies out of business.

[To put this into context, PM Teresa May had developed a deal with the EU as to how the UK would leave Europe. However, Parliament has voted against the deal that was on the table, and therefore the country was looking at a gridlock scenario.] More negotiations would need to be carried out, as we head closer to the the 29th March deadline.

The interview took place in Derby City Centre, by the Waterfall. Alongside Victoria were another 3 local people. Niall was taking into account everyone’s views on the new developments as they unfolded.

Behind the scenes, there were 2 or 3 camera men and 2 ladies who were in charge of the Interviewees.

In terms of the set up for the interview, Victoria took a call at 9.30pm the night before to ask if she would be available at 8am the next morning in Derby. What a great opportunity to put forward concerns as a small business on international TV!

Three days later, Victoria was filmed by Laura May McMullan for BBC Midlands Today.

This time, the focus was on Veganuary and the impact it has had on businesses in the Midlands.

Laura’s feature was based around the stats that Veganuary in the UK is growing, and food businesses within the West Midlands are able to cater for this trend.

Read the blog: Why Vic Went Vegan.

Filming took in the region of an hour. Laura did the interview, the filming and editing. It took place at Victoria’s parent’s home in Ellastone, near Uttoxeter. The pre-recorded clip featured on the BBC news that evening to over a 1 million viewers for around 2-3 minutes.

These two experience highlight how much hard work goes into the news reports that are brought to us, and the two very different styles of bringing the news to the masses in such a responsive way.