Bounce energy ball review - Almond Protein HitA sweet sucker punch

These little babies have become our mid-afternoon slump snack. Sweet, delicious and completely moreish, these yummy balls don’t leave you sugar-crashing into the evening.

The Battenberg cake is a British classic we all know and love, but having a second slice (or slab if you’re really into it) can throw your body’s sugars into meltdown. Instead, grab yourself a Bounce Almond Protein Hit and trick your body into thinking it’s being naughty – when it’s really not.

Packed with delicious almonds and high-quality protein powder, you can avoid an afternoon come down as it releases sugars slowly.

It’s hard to choose just one favourite from the Bounce range, but the Almond Hit is a strong contender…

After the first bite, you’re greeted with a sweet hit of almonds and a savoury pinch of sea salt that leaves you feeling satisfied (although you wouldn’t turn down another).

Think of the Almond Hit as a compact dessert, so nice that you’d be able to get away with serving them on a cake stand for afternoon tea – move aside, Battenberg.

Who’s it for?

Suitable for vegetarians, totally gluten free, and full of flavoursome almonds, this brilliant ball is a perfect for those of you with a pesky sweet tooth. Take that chocolate ice-cream.

Why do we love it?

It’s sweet, nutty and delightfully chewy, plus it’s super sweet. And it’s full of natural sugars, so you’re being totally angelic.

What’s in it?

The Almond Protein Hit has an impressive 12g of protein (20% of that comes straight from the awesome almonds), 2.3g of fibre to keep your tum in tip top shape and is rich in antioxidants. Could it be any better?

Available from health food stores and Supermarkets, retailing at just under £2 each, or buy a box of 12 directly from the Bounce Foods website for £19.99.