Bounce energy ball review - Cacao Mint Protein BombFirst up, in the green corner, we have the Cacao Mint Protein Bomb, described as the perfect way to ‘freshen yourself up, from the inside out.’

Think of this little number as your healthy after-dinner mint substitute. Or a snack to snaffle after breakfast. Or elevenses… Literally whenever. The Cacao Mint Protein Bomb is yummy.

This tasty ball leaves your mouth feeling totally minty and utterly chocolatey (but don’t worry sugar fiends, it’s all cacao, baby). After just one bite the compact and rocky textured cacao crumbles in your mouth in a flurry of nuts and cacao nibs. Mmm.

The best way to describe the Cacao Mint Protein Bomb?

A generously-sized dollop of chocolate toothpaste with a healthy sprinkling of nuts. Yep, really! We devoured this delicious ball after our evening meal as a healthy dessert swap. Because let’s be honest, no one should have to give up pudding.

After nibbling on this Bounce ball you’ll feel full, satisfied and it’ll give you a much-needed dose of energy. Perfect for a late gym sesh or tackling a bunch of emails that you’ve not replied to. We’ve all been there right?.

Who’s it for?

Suitable for vegetarians and totally gluten-free, this energy ball is a perfect pre or post-gym treat. It’s also just as good for a tasty in-between-meals snack to keep you going.

Why do we love it?

It’s rocky, raw and completely unrefined. The sprinkles of cacao nibs are a great swap for chocolate chips too. You’ll feel totally naughty while being utterly heavenly. Yum.

What’s in it?

The Cacao Mint Protein Bomb is super high in protein and contains a whopping 14mg of Vitamin E (117% of your daily quota). See? You’re already winning.

Available from health food stores and Supermarkets, retailing at just under £2 each. Alternatively, buy a box of 12 directly from the Bounce Foods website for £19.99.