“When life gives you lemons you combine them with creamy cashews, coconut and high-quality whey protein.”

Bounce energy ball review - Coconut Lemon Protein CrushAfter a sweet ‘pick-me-up’ to get you through the day? Say hello to Bounce’s Coconut Lemon Protein Crush.

To look at, the delicate Protein Crush balls look a little like crude French Fancies. They taste similar too, which is great as they’re significantly more healthy for you!

They’re rich and decadent, so we recommend halving the ball to make two bite-size snacks, that is if you can resist gobbling the whole thing all at once.

Forget everything you think you know about what an energy ball is supposed to taste like. The Protein Crush is the perfect balance of sweet and zesty, while treating your tongue to a tangy sensation.

The desiccated coconut lightly flavours the mix of finely-diced cashews and high-quality whey protein powder, offering a smooth – and occasionally nutty – texture.

The Bounce Coconut Crush ball is a great little snack. The healthy fats and protein powder help to slow down the release of natural sugars from the coconut.

Go on, banish the sneaky snacking cravings and enjoy a filling coconut treat.

Who’s it for?

Suitable for vegetarians and totally gluten-free, this energy ball is ideal if you find yourself reaching for a crafty chocolate bar to get over the 3 pm slump. We’re looking at you, sugar fiends.

Why do we love it?

In each chewy bite, we’re greeted with the tingly zest of lemon, hints of delightfully creamy coconut and a handful of crunchy cashews for good measure. All of which create a heavenly, light and a treat that’s totally delish.

What’s in it?

This packs a generous whey protein hit at 29g per each ball. That’s 18% of your recommended protein intake for the day!

Plus there’s a healthy dose of fibre and essential minerals and vitamins, such as Vitamin E. Fabulous for supporting healthy skin and eyes.

Available from health food stores and Supermarkets, retailing at just under £2 each. Or buy a box of 12 directly from the Bounce Foods website for £19.99.