As the Energy Ball Recipes team grows, the need for varied skills and expertise is really important. So we needed the perfect Chief Taster to sign off on our recipes before they are uploaded to the website.

Introducing ‘My Dad’ 🙂 he he!

Sitting in a hammok in a greenhouse to celebrate father's day. New Chief Taster at Energy Ball Recipes.

Dad doesn’t do photos online. So here’s a pic with his feet up after a long walk, in the hammock he’s made in his greenhouse.

Mr Prince is not the beer-drinking, chocolate-eating kind of guy. He’s more of a ‘healthy-eating and hill-walking’ kind of person, which totally has its advantages when I’m asked to participate; some ‘Dad chats,’ great exercise and fabulous views!

However, it makes it tricky when the majority of gifts I’ve seen this week leading up to Father’s Day have been branded beers and chocolate with funny slogans about Dads. They are quite hard to buy for aren’t they?

For the past year, Dad has given very crucial feedback on all the energy ball recipes I have made (sometimes complimentary, sometimes shall we say constructive!) He checks for texture, taste, moisture content, how appealing they are to the eye and I get the thumbs up or down, depending on these elements.

I would go as far to say that he’s become quite an energy ball connoisseur – ha ha!

It started last year, we went away for Dad’s 60th birthday and I decided to make him some very special energy balls made from dried wasabi peas and broad beans to eat on the journey. I must admit, they were pretty good, albeit you need to be a wasabi person to appreciate them.

These were a hit, and ever since then, all energy balls have been passed through the ‘Dad Approval Test’ before they go onto the website.

So, on this Father’s Day, my gift to him is 30 chocolate chip energy balls in his fridge, which will be eaten at a rate of about 5 a day I expect.

Also, this coveted new title of Chief Taster.

So much better than a few beers or some chocolate, although I suppose some Dad socks wouldn’t go amiss too.

Happy Father’s Day Papa Richard x

PS – customer services enquiries can be directed at Mr Prince from today. He’ll read them from his iphone from his ‘office’ at the top of the Weaver Hills!