We love to bring you innovative businesses who are doing amazing things in the world of eco-ness! This blog features an interview with the Founder of Brösh. We met via Twitter a few months ago. As a fellow start-up, we exchanged a few emails and calls to understand how both businesses are making an impact.

A new bamboo toothbrush developed by Brosh

How did you get started? What’s your back story?

We are keen sailors and have noticed, over the past years, that the amount of rubbish floating around in the sea has increased to the point that we should all be concerned.

What was your main objective when you launched?

Brösh was founded purely out of passion and started by selling Bamboo toothbrushes that are 99% compostable in a quest to reduce the amount of waste that can’t be dealt with. In the next months we will grow the number of sustainable products and we will need YOUR help, any input would be welcomed by us.

Tell us about your customers, who do you attract and why?

Anyone who shares our concerns would be helping by buying more sustainable products, our toothbrushes are particularly good as they feature a waved brush-head which does a great job.

Our team is young and enthusiastic and this is reflected in our marketing, we have chosen for a fresh and contemporary feel.

a rainforest image with trees and sky, with text over the top which explains that Brosh is protecting more than just teeth

What’s the one wellness product/service you can’t live without??

We are big fans of our natural soap bars, it’s so much better than using the pumps as all you throw away is the recyclable box. It does the job just as well. There are some brands out there that have now started to even make a shampoo bar.

Where do you find wellness inspiration? Are there people you regularly follow on social media for wellness advice? If so, who?

Our inspiration comes mainly from Twitter, we also do a lot of online research and visit events like the Ocean Film Festival. This event is particularly good as it not only features a problem but also looks at possible solutions.


Where can people find out more about your business?