Nakd bars review - 4 pack Crunch MixOn a fine summer’s day, we sat and road-tested the four nakd bars from the special ‘Crunch mix’ selection pack.

The four wholefood flavours are:

– Strawberry Crunch

– Apple Crunch

– Banana Crunch

– Cocoa Crunch

Strawberry Crunch

We started the taste-test with Strawberry Crunch and could taste the dates straight away, as they’re the main ingredient. We were surprised to read that there are only 2% strawberries in the bar, as it tasted stronger than that. The crunch of the soya protein gave a nice consistency to the bite,  so it felt there was more to the bar than just fruit.Nakd bars in a selection box of 4 different flavours, banana, strawberry, apple and cocoa

Apple Crunch

Next up was Apple Crunch, which wasn’t as sweet as we imagined from the bright green packaging. We had to check the label again, as we thought there may have been some coconut in the ingredients list, but alas no! Again, the crunch gave the bar a bit more depth.

Banana Crunch

Now, banarama! Banana Crunch was the opposite to the Strawberry Crunch for us, the flavour was milder, and with 6% banana in the ingredients list, it must need a bit more oomph to be tasted through the rest of the ingredients.

Back cover of Nakd Bar packaging, including the nutritional information

Cocoa Crunch

For us, the Cocoa Crunch bar lacked a little something, maybe some coconut or something to give it a twist? It was a little bland when compared directly to the rest, (but having eaten one of these on its own before, I didn’t notice that so much then!)

It’s extra handy that these are wheat, dairy and gluten-free! Not that we tick any of those boxes, but we have friends who do, so it’s good to have a pack ready for impromptu visits 🙂

Each snack bar contains 43% dates, 16-18% soya protein crunchies, 15-17% cashew nuts, 14-17% raisins, 3 or 4% apple juice concentrate and then 2-6% of the named ingredient (strawberries, banana, apple or cocoa), along with a hint of natural flavouring.

We found this pack of bars in Tesco, but they’re also available from Sainsbury’s and Amazon for about £2.50. Correct at September 2017.