World Vegan Month is upon us! This is very noteworthy for us because we have lots of vegan energy ball recipes to share! 

The Wold Vegan Month logo is green and yellow in a circle

Each November, vegans around the world celebrate the benefits of veganism for humans, animals and the natural environment.

Here in the UK, the Vegan Society was set up in 1994 by Louise Wallis. The Vegan Society use the month-long campaign to champion the health and natural world benefits of this simplified way of eating. There are activities planned for workplaces, shops, restaurants and in followers homes too.

The great benefit of energy balls is that they can be changed into a vegan recipe very easily. This is because the recipes are generally made with no meat or dairy products. Often, honey is used, which is not vegan-friendly, but it can easily be substituted for maple syrup. The consistency remains the same and only the taste changes very slightly, to a less sugary, and nuttier flavour.

World Vegan Month started as World Vegan Day and then grew to World Vegan Week before becoming the month-long celebration it is today!

Check out these three vegan recipes for energy balls that can be made at home:

Chia Up!

Try out this vegan energy ball recipes packed full with chia seeds.

Deliciously Ella's recipe

If you’ve not tried Ella Mill’s energy ball recipe, you’re in for a vegan treat!

Choc peanut mocha powerballs

These will give you a boost of caffeine – make sure you use maple syrup like I did: