We originally picked these Pulsin bars up because the pretty packaging caught our attention but after realising what they were – protein bars – we thought we’d buy them and share our thoughts with you all!

Pulsin is run by three university friends from their base in Gloucestershire. They make a range of healthy snacks and energy products which includes these protein boosters as well as raw chocolate brownies, protein powder and even a selection for kids.

Yes, these aren’t technically ‘ball’ shaped but their purpose is the same – to slowly release energy. Each 50g bar contains 12g or 13g of protein which will more than give your body the healthy boost it needs after exercise, to combat afternoon munchies or, let’s face it any other time you fancy a snack. 

Pulsin Protein Booster Bars review

There are five Pulsin protein booster flavours available:

  • Vanilla Choc Chip
  • Orange Choc Chip
  • Peanut and Maple Butter
  • Maple and Whey
  • Mint Choc Chip

We only managed to get our hands on four of them. We’ll definitely be trying that sneaky Maple and Whey bar if we spot it.

Pulsin Protein Booster BarVanilla Choc Chip was up first – a busy morning and no time for breakfast meant that it served as an early morning bus snack. The flavour was nice, not overpoweringly vanilla but enough to make it feel like more than a ‘health bar’.   

The Orange Choc Chip was an afternoon snack between meetings and by far our favourite. All three bars had a firm, smooth texture so those choc chips were a nice distraction from what could otherwise have been quite a dense eating experience.

The Peanut Butter and Maple bar was tasty and full of peanut flavour which we love here at Energy Ball Recipes HQ. If we had to be critical though, there wasn’t much maple flavour coming through so perhaps it’s used mainly as a sweetener. On the plus side, the crunchy pieces of peanut gave this bar the best texture.

Finally, the Mint Choc Chip, after a gym workout. This was the most disappointing of the four flavours. It tasted a little too minty and left us feeling like we’d just eaten a tube of toothpaste! 

Conclusion?Pulsin Choc Orange

We were impressed with how well these bars filled us up. They felt filling and left us satisfied. Even after a post-work gym workout when usually, the shakes set in and we’re tempted to reach for something naughty.

All of these Pulsin bars are gluten and dairy free. They are also vegan and soy-free making them perfect for a range of diets. Overall, thumbs up!

We picked these up at Wild Oats in Bristol but you can buy them directly here.