Thanks to the growing orders of our Energy Ball Recipe Kits, we’re buying in more and more cardboard boxes each month.

Sometimes this means that we need to change a few things as our small business grows. Our suppliers can run out, or change their products. This has happened recently with our external boxes. So we’ve been researching lots of alternative ideas behind the scenes.

an energy ball recipe kit, with white packaging and a colourful label on the outside

You’ll know our boxes so far have been letterbox shaped, long and thin, and brown cardboard.

We’re sticking with the letterbox format of course, but the new boxes will look a bit different. They’ll be white!

On the outside, you’ll be familiar with our biodegradable sticker with colourful branding, and inside, the usual recipe card, printed onto recycled card will still be the same, albeit square now.

Actually, these are a lot neater than the previous boxes, which could sometimes be full to the brim with all your delicious ingredients, you could say they were bursting to get out and be made into energy balls! ha ha. Now all the ingredients sit neatly inside and there’s a more robust feel to the box.

We’re very eco-sensitive, so the great news is, these new boxes are made with FSC(r) certified board, which means they’re from managed forests and/or recycled materials. It was tricky, not many suppliers we spoke to had this specific card in stock, you’d have thought it would be easier to source!

As before, we have an easy to open tear strip, and the external sticker still holds that in place, to give you more peace of mind that there has been no tampering in transit.

These are also 100% recyclable, like the previous boxes, so you can put these straight into your recycling bin, or home compost bin too.

The packaging for energy ball recipes kits, in white boxes with FSC certified board and fully reycleable board - these are the logos

Once we put the boxes together and post to you, they are encased into a clear biodegradable bag. This helps to protect against the elements, and keep the box clean, in case you wish to give it as a gift.

We’ve also moved to a Hermes postal delivery, now we can track parcels easily if they go missing. Each parcel has a unique ID against your order number. You can get in touch if your parcel doesn’t arrive and we can track it.

These may sound like insignificant elements, but they have taken a lot of time in research and testing. We always want to feel proud of what we’re sending to you, our customers, and also, being transparent as possible to ensure you have peace of mind.