Roo'Biotic Energy Balls reviewWe recently picked up some Roo’Biotic superfood energy balls from a local supermarket. They really stand out on the shelves thanks to their brightly coloured packets and interesting, unusual flavour combinations. 


Roo’biotic balls are made by Roo Brands – a family run business which started in 2010. They create organic, vegan and gluten free healthy snacks and desserts. You probably recognise the branding, they sell their cookies, bars and balls in 50 countries across Europe and beyond and are available online and in most health food shops and supermarkets.   

The Roo’biotic balls are described as ‘mood food balls’ are are all organic, vegan and raw.

There are currently six Roo’Biotic flavours and we tried four of them:

  • Cacao & Maca
  • Coconut & Guarana
  • Choc Chip Matcha
  •   Ashwagandha & Mango

Alex tested these balls and she decided to take them to work with her, trying a little of each with her colleagues. Everyone enjoyed the Ashwagandha & Mango – a fruity mix of mango, banana and pineapple wrapped up in a smooth cashew mix. Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb which helps to alleviate stress and anxiety so not only is this one a tasty, healthy snack, it also has health-boosting properties. Alex’s colleague (also Alex) said it left him feeling ‘devoid of guilt’. Oooerr!

The Coconut & Guarana was our universal favourite. Alex really enjoyed the coconut flavour and texture. With rice protein, this one contains 9 essential amino acids and is easily digestible. Rice protein is also good for muscles, ligaments, skin and hair. Guarana is great for its slow energy release and is rich in caffeine. This ball also contains your full recommended daily dose of Guarana. This one made us feel zingy and awake all the way through the afternoon!  

Choc Chip Matcha Roo'Biotic Energy Ball

The final two Roo’balls we tried were both chocolatey – one, Chocolate Chip Matcha and the other, Cacao & Maca. They both had a great texture, with chocolate chip pieces running through them and both had a good chocolate flavour. Maca is a great ingredient and one which has been attributed to boosting energy and strength. The Chocolate Chip Matcha ball was definitely the tastier of the two although Matcha with its bitter tea notes, isn’t everyone’s cuppa (see what we did there??)

In conclusion, these Roo’biotic energy balls are great, some of the best we’ve had so far. They are a little more pricey when bought individually but there are some great bulk buy offers on Amazon – why not stock up and have them on hand to curb those sweet tooth cravings?