We are super-proud to announce that our Energy Ball Recipe Kits are ‘finalists’ in the upcoming Innovative ‘Better For You’ Product of the Year awards! Having launched our Monthly Subscription Kits back in July 2018, we knew that the competition would be tough and filled with businesses who are already established. Nevertheless, Victoria entered and gave it her best shot.

The words '2018 finalists' and the award for the innovative better for you product of the year.

Better-For-You Awards

When entering the Food Matters Live awards in September 2018, which celebrate the latest in innovative food, drink and nutrition products, we were asked the following questions:

  1. How is the product ‘better-for-you’? (Provide proof of evidence-based science showing how the product serves this category)
  2. How is your product distinctive and innovative?
  3. Entry date to market?
  4. How commercially successful is this product to date?

We were given a maximum of 300 words to complete our entry, which we’d like to share here with you.

Here’s what Vic wrote on the award entry:

Energy balls are delicious little snacks. All ingredients are mixed together in a bowl, rolled into balls and stored fresh in the fridge. Nothing new or innovative yet…

The innovation here is the Energy Ball Recipe Kit, developed by Victoria Prince as she blogged about her quest for an alternative to chocolate and sugary snacks, after a PCOS diagnosis.

The kits are aimed at those who are health-conscious, enjoy sports and prefer to make food from scratch. However, they’re not keen on buying multiple bags of cacao nibs or flaxseed each time they try a new recipe (as the rest of the pack could be resigned to the back of the cupboard!) or they’re not sure where to source some items from.

When it comes to nutrition, these plant-based kits (with a new recipe every month) include a range of superfoods. The initial ‘Chocolate Chip’ recipe included cacao powder & cacao nibs (serotonin boosting, high in magnesium and containing antioxidants.) The kit also contained milled flaxseed, almonds, peanut butter, dates, coconut oil and coconut flour.

Energy Ball Recipe Kits (launched in July 2018, raising £2723 in the first month on Kickstarter) tap into the huge growth in the Vegan market, as well as being perfect for Coeliac, Vegetarian, Keto and Paleo diets.

The consumer orders the initial subscription box online and each month it is delivered through their letterbox. Inside is a recipe card with nutritional breakdown, allergens, a step-by-step guide and also a QR code linking to a new YouTube video each month.

Future recipes champion other superfoods such as Spirulina and higher protein energy balls, using ‘complete’ protein powders.

Finally, it’s not just good for YOU, it’s also good for the PLANET! The packaging contains no plastic, it’s plant-based, compostable, and FSC Certified cardboard.

Award Submission

Victoria pressed submit with happy vibes and thought whatever happens, at least we’ve entered and if we’re not successful, it’s been in front of some super-duper foodie people who may have some interesting feedback to share with us.

The nominated brands which are finalists in the Food Matters Live awards for Innovative Product of the Year

Energy Ball Recipes are Finalists in the Food Matters Live Awards

Then, 18th October, the email arrived with the news.

Victoria was in the Development Kitchen with her Mum Della and friend Kate at the time. They had been taking some photos of the products for social media and noticed the email said FOOD MATTERS LIVE AWARDS. Who could resist opening it to find out one way or the other??

The email read:

Hi Victoria

Today we are releasing our 2018 Awards shortlist and I am delighted to let you know you have been shortlisted. Congratulations! Winners will be announced on 21 November at 16:45 in the conference theatre at Food Matters Live. My colleague will be in touch shortly to upgrade you to VIP and extend the invite to any of your colleagues that would also like to attend.

Well, that was it; cue the jumping up and down, screaming and laughing! It all sounds very glamorous, but let me tell you they were all wearing hairnets and overalls!! LOL

The next step is to send in an Energy Ball Recipe Kit, which will be on show at the Food Matters Live event at Excel, London (20-22 November 2018).

We’ve already started to follow the other brands (on social media) which have been shortlisted alongside us in the ‘Innovative Better-For-You’ category. We’re really excited to learn more about their products and meet the people behind them at the Food Matters Live show.

Whether or not we win the category, who knows, but right now we’re super-chuffed and honoured to be a finalist for such a HUGE award.