It’s not every week you get to be on the radio, but in June 2019, I was invited into two BBC Radio stations to talk about the Energy Ball Recipe Kits.

Energy Balls on BBC Radio Derby

The first interview was with Sally Pepper, at BBC Radio Derby. Sally’s team had asked me to make the carrot cake recipe in their Staff Kitchen, so I arrive with the recipe kit, my trusty food processor, a bowl, spoon and pair of scissors.

In the reception, I checked in and could hear the radio on – live! Which was both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time, knowing I would be on air shortly. EEk!

So I took a quick selfie (right) and was taken up to the Staff Kitchen to lay out all my things ready.

When Sally came in, with a bright green microphone in hand and trailing leads, she was full of surprise, that she’d actually be making them on air, and she jumped straight into the challenge. She said the last time her team has asked her to do a ‘piece’ in the Staff Kitchen, she was making cocktails, so she’s always excited to hear they’re sending her to the kitchen.

We started with an interview about how the energy balls came into my life (see the History section on the About page for more info) and I had some ready made so Sally could give them a taste, before she made them with me.

Now let me point out, Sally Pepper is one of the biggest ‘foodies’ I’ve met! She’s always talking about food when she’s on air. You may also know that Sally featured in the first ‘Derbyshire CookBook’ with her secret sausage and mash recipe, so I took a photo of us both holding our recipe books (right). You can order the ‘Derbyshire Cookbook: Second Helpings’ here, which features an exclusive energy ball recipe, with hazelnut and chocolate orange! yum!

When Sally was making the energy balls, Sally Swinfen (the Newsreader) and Ed Dawes (the Sports Presenter) came into the room and they helped Sally to roll the mixture into energy balls. Sally ‘S’ rolled them to perfection, and well, Ed’s were a bit like cricket balls. Enough said!

Energy Balls on BBC Radio Nottingham

A few days later, I got the call from BBC Radio Nottingham, this time to appear on Mark Dennison’s radio show. Funnily enough, it was nearly a year since I was interviewed by Mark on Bulwell Marketplace last summer, in the baking heat. Mark rolled our first ever ‘Chocolate Chip’ energy balls, as the Kickstarter campaign was still underway.

This year was very different, this time in the studio, and as it was baking hot outside, so time for a quick squinty selfie again (left).

Inside, the roof was leaking extensively, and there were buckets catching it around the radio offices. (Hats off to the team for all keeping so calm and carrying on as if nothing was happening! Very British!)

Mark didn’t need to make the energy balls this time, as I took in my special little cool bag with all three Selfridges ‘exclusive’ flavours, so he could try them live on air.

He was super-excited to hear that we have now started to supply Selfridges, and so he started the interview by asking what’s been happening behind the scenes since we last met a year ago.

I explained the whole story, including the call from the Production Team at Dragon’s Den and how we came to be contacted by Selfridges – both calls I thought were someone pranking me initially!

When Mark was up to speed on the latest ‘energy ball’ news, he took a bite from each of the 3 new flavours. They are Double Chocolate, Pistachio & Coconut and Turmeric and Chia Seed. He was very impressed on the consistency, variety and how they tasted healthy without being boring!

Well, another mad week in the world of Energy Balls, who knows where I’ll pop up next?


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