If you’re not familiar with the term Veganuary, Vic has decoded the details here in a blog post, and demystified some of the details:

The history of Veganuary:

If you don’t already know, Veganuary (Vee-Gan-You-Ary) is a charity. It was sparked by Founders/Trustees Jane Land and Michael Glover in a bid to equip people with the information needed to try to be a Vegan for a month, the month of January, hence the name.

Jane and Matthew from Veganuary who were talking about their PR campaign for veganism

Jane Land and Matthew Glover, Founders of Veganuary

Their successful campaign started in 2014 and has doubled in supporters year on year.

Each year, people are encouraged to go onto the website to register their intent to try to be Vegan for a month and they are sent emails with tips, recipes, information and encouragement from the team.

From January 2014 to January 2018, there were over 250,000 sign ups across 193 countries. With January 2019 looking even busier, over 14,000 sign ups on 30th December 2018 alone!

Vic met the Veganuary Founders in September 2018

When I attended a PR talk by Jane and Matthew, I wasn’t aware that they were actually a couple! Matthew explained in their presentation that when was due to go on a date with Jane, he was already Vegan and was worried about meeting someone who wasn’t Vegan. Luckily, Jane was already Vegetarian and as their relationship flourished, Jane took the plunge and went Vegan herself too! Yay!

If you don’t know already, I’m vegan, (which you can read about in my blog post: Why Vic went Vegan) on my way home from this event because I felt really inspired listening to what the Veganuary charity stood for.

I think their success is actually down to their very nature because they are very friendly and approachable, and they understand that the journey to becoming a Vegan can be a bit tricky. They know that there may be times when people crave chocolate and end up eating a Snickers, that it’s actually ok, and it’s part and parcel of becoming a Vegan. They say don’t worry, don’t beat yourself up, just get back on track the next day and away you go!

Actually, this is backed up on their website with the words:

“Our ethos is friendly, welcoming and non-judgemental, and always will be. We aim is to reduce the suffering of animals by showing the world how easy, fun, healthy, and fulfilling being vegan can be.”

A poster for the tube with anthony mullaney rugby player saying he's trying veganuary for the environment
Why do people decide to go Vegan?

I believe there are three main reasons:

  1. Some choose to make the leap for animal welfare, with a whole host of reasons under that umbrella.
  2. Others have the environmental crisis at the forefront of their minds, land to grow crop Vs rearing cattle and they are concerned about our oceans.
  3. For another group of people, it’s more about living a healthier lifestyle, eating a plant-based diet rich in nutrients and focusing on consuming their 5-a-day, or 10-a-day as some are now calling for.

And I’m sure many overlap or choose to be Vegan for all three reasons above.

a cow in a field looking at the camera and teh words thank moo to promote veganuary

What does a Vegan actually eat??

This is a question that comes up a LOT! Especially in relation to protein.

There are so many recipes online, great Vegan cookbooks and magazines, the ideas really are endless and so it goes without saying that our Energy Ball Recipes are all fully Vegan. In terms of what sort of things I eat daily, here’s a bit of a roundup…


Overnight oats (made with oats, almond milk, flaxseed, peanut butter and any nuts and seeds I have close to hand)

Warburtons ‘protein’ bagel with vegan butter

Green juice (I put celery, cucumber, pear and ginger into the juicer)


Goodness bowl (Brown rice, avocado, hummous, beetroot, yellow pepper, boiled broccoli and chunks of Vegan cheese)

Homemade soup – any veg the fridge is boiled up and blended.

Now and again, beans on toast – yep you read that right! Comforting, quick and very easy!


My go-to dinner is usually a one-pot curry. I fry onions and garlic, then add lots of vegetables, a tin of chickpeas or butter beans, a tin of chopped tomatoes and a tin of coconut milk. Served with quinoa, rice or french stick and Vegan butter!

I also order 2 Riverford Vegan recipe kits, which have dinners under 550 calories and take less than 30 minutes to make from scratch. It means there’s more variety and organic food added to our weekly menu!

You Tube video of Matthew and Jane, speaking at Vegfest 2018

Here’s an interesting video of Matthew and Jane talking at the Vegfest conference in Brighton. With an introduction by the VERY lovely Karin Ridgers from Veggie TV, who has been a Vegan for over 20 years:

Frequently asked questions:

Sometimes it’s easier for me to let the experts answer, they have all the stats and reports to back up what they are saying! So here are some questions I get asked, and they link through to the Veganuary website for the responses:

Isn’t it natural to eat meat?

What’s wrong with eating honey?

Is it expensive to eat a Vegan diet?

How can I give up cheese? 

If you’d like to find out more about Veganuary, here’s a link to their website (where you can also sign up for a 31 day taster of life as a Vegan, any day of the year, not just January!)