What's so good about energy balls?And why have we dedicated an entire website to them?

Let us tell you…

A few years ago, our founder Vic (who has a sweet tooth) was looking at healthier snack recipes online. She was impressed by how simple energy balls were to make and how tasty the results were. From that day, Vic has continued to make energy balls and now experiments with her own recipes, many of which are here for you to try! Within no time, she was a self-confessed energy ball fanatic and it seemed like a natural step to collate everything she knows and share it here. Because they release energy slowly, choosing to eat energy balls in place of usual snacks means you’re less likely to reach for energy drinks and sweet treats during the day, which in turn, can help when you’re trying to lead a balanced lifestyle.

Googling ‘energy ball recipes’ will deliver an endless stream of websites, recipes, reviews, stockists and suppliers. Facing endless pages of information like this can be daunting. Fortunately, everything you need is right here and all of our recipes are tested to make sure they work.

cocoa energy balls

There’s something for everyone!

There are so so many recipes out there for energy balls, there really is something for every taste, from classic flavours like peanut butter or almond and cacao to the more unusual rose and beetroot ones. Energy ball recipes are often very simple, made up of just a few ingredients. You’ll find this makes them easily adaptable to different dietary requirements and our recipes include gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and vegan creations.

We’re growing our collection of recipes to include not only those we’ve created ourselves but also recipes from both celebrities and readers too! But, don’t worry, it’s not all chia seeds and beetroot powder. If you want something just a little bit naughty, you’ll find a couple of truffle recipes thrown in too.

They’ll help you lead a healthy lifestyle

With 2018 tipped to be the year that Britain embraces veganism, sales of healthy living cookbooks on the rise, yoga classes, gym memberships and organic eating all taking centre stage in our already busy lives, now, more than ever, is the time to start including these little balls of goodness into your diet.

Energy balls are the perfect snack for so many reasons. They are nutritious, healthy, easy to make and eat on the go. They give you a slow release boost of energy in a natural way. And this means you’re less likely to reach for sugar-fuelled energy drinks. You will feel fuller for longer.

They’re the perfect grab-and-go food

Make a stockpile to keep in your fridge and grab one or two when you’re headed out. Take them into work and reach for one in place of your usual elevenses chocolate bar. Your colleagues will thank you if you take extras for them!

We also love the eco-friendly aspect, energy balls are often no-bake recipes and because you’re making them at home, there’s no wasteful packaging. Simply reuse an old Tupperware, biscuit tin or wrap them in greaseproof paper for transportation!

So there you go, just a few reasons why energy balls are so special. Please take a look around the site and enjoy!