The answer is… anytime! 

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself ‘when can I eat these?’ the answer really is, anytime. Energy balls are so versatile. They definitely aren’t just a post-workout snack and we encourage you to incorporate them into your diet at all times of day! Think about them as a handy food for when you’re on the go and a great way of eating something which is good for you, however busy your lifestyle is!

Coconut Energy Bombs


There are so many of us who just can’t stomach breakfast, even though we know we should eat it. I’m one of them. But, it really is the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast sets your body up for the day, by kickstarting your metabolism and maintaining blood glucose levels. This, in turn, can actually help maintain a healthy weight and even lose weight. If you still can’t face the thought of sitting down to meal though, why not try an energy ball or two? Choose something high in fibre and protein with ingredients like oats and peanut butter.

Why not try this recipe from Averie Cooks for Peanut Butter Mocha Powerballs?

When can I eat energy balls?Lunch

Here at Energy Ball Recipes HQ, we often crave something sweet after our lunch (which is usually a sandwich or salad). Our recipe for apricot and coconut energy balls is a great choice because, with no added sugar, these naturally sweet treats have a low glycaemic index, helping your body avoid those sugar spikes and lows. Dried apricots are also incredibly good for you with Vitamin A giving your immune system a boost and helping promote healthy skin, teeth and vision!

So there you go, one of two low sugar treats can help round off a meal nicely and keep you fuller for longer which means you might not even need anything to get you through the afternoon slump!

Afternoon Slump

Step away from those sugary snacks! Move away from the office vending machine. Energy balls are here to revolutionise your snacking! Make a batch of your favourite recipe on a Sunday night and take a few to work each day to help get you through that 3 pm slump.

Because complex carbohydrates like oats release energy slowly, they help avoid sugar crashes and the need to reach for synthetic energy drinks and chocolate.

Having a bad day? Research shows that omega-3 oils found in walnuts, flax and pumpkin seeds can actually help improve concentration through brain function AND boost your mood. Just what you need to get through a busy afternoon right? 

Walnuts are a great mood booster

Post Dinner TV Snacking

Even the most health-conscious among us often fall into the trap of aimless snacking in front of the TV in the evenings. If you do this, we suggest hiding or removing salty, sugary treats from the vicinity and making sure that if you do snack, you can only choose something that’s good for you. But, just because it’s good, doesn’t mean it has to taste boring. Using ingredients like cacao nibs and dried cherries will give your energy balls a luxury edge which is just what you need on a Saturday night in front of your favourite film right?

Try this fabulous fudge chocolate indulgence recipe: it will leave you forgetting all about those high-calorie shop bought snacks you used to eat.  

Pre/ Post Exercise

Whilst we’re keen to prove that energy balls are for more than pre/post workout bites, there’s no denying they do make a really great snack after a session at the gym. Most nuts and seeds provide a good hit of protein but almonds really are the best. Not only are they high in protein, they are also low in carbs which helps reduce hunger pangs between the gym and home.

Why? Because common ingredients like almonds and pumpkin seeds often found in energy ball recipes are high in protein. And protein is key to muscle growth. During exercise, you break down your muscle fibres and as they recover (and grow bigger) protein speeds up the process. This is why you often see bodybuilders glugging down their protein shakes after working out!

Kettle Bells and Gym Trainers

So there you have it – we’ve answered that question ‘when can I eat these’! Energy balls make a great snack at almost any time of the day, whether it’s breakfast on the go, an afternoon energy boost or something a little bit luxurious in front of the TV, they really are so versatile!

Next time you reach for something high in sugar like a chocolate bar, don’t! Head into the kitchen and make a batch of energy balls. Use them to give your body the nutrients and protein it needs to help you live a full and healthy lifestyle!